Why Cloth Nappies?

I am the only mum in my mum’s group who uses cloth nappies and I am regularly asked, “how are the cloth nappies going?”. Still catching pee and poo…

Why Cloth Nappies?

Someway, somehow, a great shift has happened in the last twenty odd years. Most of our parents used re-useable nappies when they reared us yet now the norm is to use disposable nappies. Here is a combination of reasons I chose to use cloth nappies.

  1. They are cheaper…ish
    For a brand new “full time” pack of cloth nappies, you’re probably going to be set back $400-600. If you’re going to have more than one child and reuse the same pack your savings increase. The cost is about a years worth of disposable nappies. I can hear my mum’s voice at the back of my head that might also resemble yours, “What about the washing and drying costs?” or “What about the cost of your time?”I’m washing about every second day (sometimes every three if I can stretch it) and most days I am line drying and yes it is a commitment of your time and energy but if we’re talking straight dollars, it’s cheaper.
  2. Cloth nappies are very cute on a little butt
    Many mums who dabble in the cloth nappy world call it addictive. Does that sound crazy to you? Well it isn’t. So many different cloth nappy companies are producing the cutest little prints of your little one’s bottom. They’re almost like a fashion accessory.Beyond that (this is completely self preference), I prefer my baby’s bottom to be rubbing up against soft materiel and not paper.
  3. Better for the environment
    I am not the most eco friendly person to walk this earth and by no means am I trying to eco-guilt you into choosing this way either. My basic principle is the more I can reduce my waste that ends up in landfill, the better. That being said, if you can commit to using cloth nappies just part time or even using biodegradable nappies you can compost that’s a win.

Why did you choose/choose not to use cloth nappies?